My first novel, Unlawful Things, unwinds along the pilgrim road from London to Canterbury. It starts in a tavern in Deptford, south London, close to where the Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe was murdered. Historian and walking tour guide Helen Oddfellow thinks she may have met her perfect man – but soon discovers that digging up secrets from the past can be deadly in present-day London.

Short stories

Conservation, my prize-winning entry for the Mslexia short story competition 2015. Described by judge and Booker-longlisted author Alison MacLeod as ‘a powerful and profound contemporary piece in which one man’s story stands for an entire nation’s… it’s a punch to the heart, a story that will haunt and touch its readers deeply’.

The War Bride, published in Scribble literary magazine, uncovers a family mystery hidden away since the second world war.

Stag, a modern-day take on the Diana and Actaeon myth inspired by Greenwich Park, was published in the cult London magazine One Eye Grey.

Web fiction

Liz Moody’s Dulwich Life, the diary of a contemporary Dulwich lady, was inspired by the Gainsborough portrait, Mrs Moody and her Children, which hangs in Dulwich Picture Gallery. It ran for six months on the award-winning Dulwich OnView website.

Full English

Rebecca, a memory of early childhood friendship and the start of a writing career, was created during my Full English writing group‘s summer weekend in Dorset.

November stories from my 2012 ‘scary stories’ series, looking at my own childhood fears.

Rattled. Inspired by a real dead rattlesnake rattle.

Rattus Rattus. They’re still there, you know. Never more than a few feet away.

Unpublished short stories from my Birkbeck writing class.

A Cabinet of Curiosities. Who is the mysterious narrator, who collects the confessions and secrets of others? Can you trust him? Do you, perhaps, have something to tell him yourself?

Calling Mr Wright. Well, who would you call, on Valentine’s Day?

On Blackfriar’s Bridge. It’s a long way down, into that black, swirling water.

Looking for Mum. But what’s Mum looking for?

Bugged fiction/poetry (from the 2011 Bugged project)

They Mate for Life, Don’t They?

Rochester Castle


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