Too much of a good thing…

Desk life

Desk life

When I posted about how much I was loving freelance life, I noted that one week you worry you’re never going to work again, then the next you’re inundated. Given that my last post was in February, I think you can tell which it’s been.

I’ve emerged blinking into the light after a few weeks when I seriously worried that I’d taken on more than I could ever deliver. I’d been ticking along nicely, finished the latest draft of my novel, had a lovely holiday in France, got into some short story writing (more on that soon) and was enjoying the emerging signs of spring around south London. Then – bam! – three major projects landed on my desk on the same day. All three involved specialist medical writing which would push me beyond my comfort zone.

There’s the thing about freelance life, especially when you’re getting established. How do you say no to a project, when you worry it might be the last one you’re offered? Should you agree to do something that someone else thinks you can do, even if you’re not sure of your own capabilities? I took a deep breath and said yes, yes, and yes again. Then remembered I was already committed to a couple of things. And that I wanted to finish editing my novel in April. Then a family crisis hit, making it hard to concentrate on anything else for a few days.

I’m not complaining. No, really I’m not. Actually it’s been quite gratifying to rediscover my capacity for knuckling down to proper hard work, after a delightful period of loafing. I worked proper eight hour days! I worked bank holiday Monday, and a couple of Sundays. And now, blissfully, two of the big projects are out of the way and I have plenty of time to tackle the third. I haven’t let anyone down and the coffers are filling up.

The one thing I had to let slip was the novel. I’d been whizzing through the edit stage, with high hopes that it’d be done and ready to send off to a friendly agent by now. Sadly, I still have about a quarter of it still to do. But now I feel ready to fit it back into my schedule – and I’ve been missing it. It’s become like an old friend I know I should get round to calling. And I will,  very soon. Just as soon as I get my breath back.


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