Reasons to be cheerful: a,b,c.

Take a rosy view

The weather isn’t up to usual May standards, no-one’s won the general election, and the markets are all plummetting. Never mind, we can look forwards to this lot:

  • Asparagus. I enjoyed my first green spears of English asparagus this week. First classically blanched and drizzled with butter, the next day grilled in olive oil with intense little red tomatoes. Delicious. Nothing spells summer quite like it.
  • Bunting. The Bloomsbury Village Fete takes place on Saturday May 15, promising old-fashioned English rural fun, in the heart of the modernist Brunswick shopping centre. There’ll be Morris Men and a Maypole. The BB once took part in a Maypole dance aged 8, during her genteel upbringing in Cambridge. She was the only one to go round the pole the wrong way, causing ribbony chaos.
  • Chelsea Flower Show. Only 20 days to go until the loveliest London show of them all. I’ve only been once (glorious but crowded), but I do enjoy the BBC nightly coverage. Very soothing after work, to sit in front of the TV with a glass of wine and watch someone enthusing about roses.
  • Dulwich Festival. A week and a bit of arty events in one of London’s prettiest villages starts today. I’m off to Ingrid and Tom’s Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House launch party tonight, with the gentleman caller. There’ll be contemporary art displayed in their lovely house, music from the great DJ and singer Aquamanda, and no doubt lots of engaging company. Can’t wait!
  • Election. Apparently we didn’t vote right, so the Times says we have to vote again until we choose a proper government. Oh, wait, that’s not a reason to be cheerful at all.
  • Elephants! Much better. The unexpected appearance of a painted pachyderm can brighten up anyone’s day. We came across this beauty wandering through Green Park in the drizzle on Saturday, but they’re everywhere. What’s your favourite?

Images: My own. Thanks to the gentleman caller for the roses.


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