Reasons to be cheerful; new shoes

Look! New shoes!

There’s nothing quite like a pair of unnecessary shoes to lift the spirits. Especially, I find, red shoes. I’ve been eyeing these up in the Brunswick Centre for weeks now, and finally cracked. During their first day of wear, three women commented on their loveliness. Admittedly, one of them because I marched up to her desk in the morning, pointed at my feet and said: ‘Look! New shoes!’. It would have taken a brave woman to have dissed these beauties at that point.

But I also noticed the envious glances they attracted as I trotted around Gordon Square at lunchtime. Admittedly, they do pop rather when worn with bright blue tights.

Reams has been written about why shoes are such an indulgent purchase. In recent years I have observed a sad attempt to oust shoes as the indulgence of choice with ridiculous over-sized, over-priced handbags. But that misses the point entirely. Handbags are grown-up purchases, for women who need to lug stuff around. Shoes are pure, child-like, and induce glee. Can you remember your first pair of party shoes? Mine were black patent mary-janes, and made my feet hurt. I still loved them.

Recently my mother showed me a pair of my first ever baby shoes. I was pleased to see they were red leather. Little did she know at the time the life-long precedent being set in place.


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  1. Now all you need is a yellow brick road…

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